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IMELT (09/10/2016) – English Education and English Literature as well as the practice of its research is an important aspect in facing the era of collaboration in both ASEAN Economic Community (MEA) and ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) era in the notion of preparing the people through education. To gain this objective, some scientific development efforts through innovative teaching practice, research, and publication need to be taken seriously. As two neighboring countries, Indonesia and Malaysia are working together to build this academic connection to mutually share and learn from various ELT cultures.

I-MELT (Indonesia-Malaysia English Language Teaching) Conference 2016 is the first collaboration endeavor between UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta and Universiti Putra Malaysia focusing on ELT and relevant themes on ELT. The first I-MELT is conducted in Jakarta and the second I-MELT will be conducted in Malaysia, hosted by the Universiti Putra Malaysia. The theme of this 1st I-MELT Conference is:

“Breaking Borders, Enriching ELT Experiences”

This year I-MELT has successfully invited some prominent global figures in ELT in some areas. To mention some, Alan Maley (teacher and teaching), Brian Tomlinson (material development), Carolyn Graham (jazz chants, songs, and poem in ELT), Jan Blake (story-telling), Stephen Hall (English for Specific Purposes), and many others.

Malaysian ELT scholars are confirmed to participate in this conference. Some of them are: Arshad Abd. Shamad (grammar instruction and testing), Siti Hamin Tapa (genre analysis, rhetoric), Umi Kalthoum (curriculum and instruction), Husniah Sahamid (teacher critical thinking), Moh. Amin Din (songs in ELT), and Seyed Ali Rezvani (vocabulary instruction).

This conference will also be well-delivered by infamous Indonesian scholars such as: Fuad Abdul Hamied (assessment, ELT methodologies), Joko Nurkamto (curriculum development), Ikhsanudin (community teaching), Setiono Sugiharto (grammar teaching), and some other upcoming speakers.

IMELT invites Paper/Workshop/Poster/ and E- Presentations within these formats
  • Paper: 30 minutes
  • Workshop: 60 minutes
  • Poster: 30 minutes (displayed in room)
  • E-presentations: 30 minutes (on computers)

Please proceed to the CALL FOR PAPER for more detailed formats of submission.


  • $ 120: International presenters and participants
  • $ 110: ASEAN presenters and participants
  • $ 100: Malaysian presenters and participants
  • IDR 500,000: Indonesian presenters and participants

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